Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks

Well, it is officially April fools day and I have a very shameful thing to admit to…I have never played an April Fools joke! Not a pull my finger, not even a simple “cut off finger” in the matchbox prank, nothing! Does that make me sad? Well, I think it does, so maybe I need to step up the mark and pull off a big one. I work in an office now and it seems that the office April fools pranks are some of the best you can do! But I am going to need your help, I need you all to decide which one you think I should do. So sit back, relax, as you have a good hard think about which one of these I should have a go at….

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks


Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
1000 rats office prank

10 – The Pied Piper of the Hamelin Admin Team

This one might well cost me a bomb to pull off, but it looks amazing! What you are looking at is in fact over 1000 plush rats! Funny as anything, but maybe a little out of my league seeing as this will be my first office prank, but well worth considering!

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
office cubicle turned into a toilet prank

9 – This isn’t a prank, it is just handy!

“Oh ha, ha, very funny” that would be me if someone had done this to me, so I don’t think this is for me, sure it is a good April fools prank to pull off but far too much effort is needed when the end effect just isn’t that funny. Still funny! Although just not funny enough for me.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office covered in Post-it notes for a prank

8 – The Classics are always funny!

Indeed, the classic pranks will always get a laugh, and the good old comedy “Post-it notes stuck everywhere” is a good one, but also a lot of hard work and a lot of maths! How many boxes of post-it notes do I need, what colour, when?!? Far too much to think about.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Dentists office filled with cups of mouthwash as a prank

7 – Wash you mouth out!!

This cool looking prank was done is a dentist’s office and is in fact hundreds of cups filled with mouthwash! While my fellow work colleagues wouldn’t get the mouthwash, I could do this one but fill it with coffee! (provided I don’t drink it before I pull the trick)

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office covered in tin foil for April fools joke

6 – I hope they don’t foil my plans!

Now what we have here really is a classic, the old comedy office wrapped in tin foil prank. And to be honest, it is not a bad one at all! I might just be able to pull this one-off, but I do get the feeling that the noise of the foil being moulded will alert any and all to what I am doing.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office items replaced with cardboard ones as a prank

5 – Why is my screen not working?!?

This has got to be one that is really worth considering, simply replacing an office desks items with cardboard cuts outs of them is pure genius! Should this be the prank I try to pull off?!?

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office wrapped in wrapping paper

4 – I got this prank thing all wrapped up.

Not a bad idea at all, and a perfect use of all that leftover Christmas wrapping paper I have! The only problem that I can see with this April fools joke is that I can hardly wrap a square box let alone a whole office! Still, it is one to consider doing for sure.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office turned pink for an April fools joke

3 – No so Pretty in Pink

This one might just do it! Working in a 90% male environment this would bring a touch of colour to things, and it looks simple enough to pull off! But where am I going to find 2 pink screens and a pink keyboard and mouse?!? This prank is not looking so easy now.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Office filled with trolls

2 – The Master Trolling

These days of the internet the word “troll” is often seen as a nasty prankster so why not pull off a nasty office prank “Trolling”  by filling it with those funny haired troll dolls! This is a great idea if only I had kept my troll toys instead of throwing them away.

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks
Sega’s Sonic The Hedge Hogs Office Prank Makeover

1 – To be this good takes ages!!!

Don’t get the headline to this one? Well, “ages” is “Sega” backwards! They used it as an advert in the 90’s. (yes, I am that old!!!) Anyway, I have come across this rather amazing April fools office prank where fellow SEGA employees turn their co-workers desk into an entire Sonic the Hedgehog landscape!

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