Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks

Well, it is officially April fools day and I have a very shameful thing to admit to…I have never played an April Fools joke! Not a pull my finger, not even a simple “cut off finger” in the matchbox prank, nothing! Does that make me sad? Well, I think it does, so maybe I need to step up the mark and pull off a big one. I work in an office now and it seems that the office April fools pranks are some of the best you can do! But I am going to need your help, I need you all to decide which one you think I should do. So sit back, relax, as you have a good hard think about which one of these I should have a go at…

Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks

1000 rats office prank
1000 rats office prank

10 – The Pied Piper of the Hamelin Admin Team

This one might well cost me a bomb to pull off, but it looks amazing! What you are looking at is in fact over 1000 plush rats! Funny as anything, but maybe a little out of my league seeing as this will be my first office prank, but well worth considering!

office cubicle turned into a toilet prank
office cubicle turned into a toilet prank

9 – This isn’t a prank, it is just handy!

“Oh ha, ha, very funny” that would be me if someone had done this to me, so I don’t think this is for me, sure it is a good April fools prank to pull off but far too much effort is needed when the end effect just isn’t that funny. Still funny! Although just not funny enough for me.

Office covered in Post-it notes for a prank
Office covered in Post-it notes for a prank

8 – The Classics are always funny!

Indeed, the classic pranks will always get a laugh, and the good old comedy “Post-it notes stuck everywhere” is a good one, but also a lot of hard work and a lot of maths! How many boxes of post-it notes do I need, what colour, when?!? Far too much to think about.

Dentists office filled with cups of mouthwash as a prank
Dentists office filled with cups of mouthwash as a prank

7 – Wash you mouth out!!

This cool looking prank was done is a dentist’s office and is in fact hundreds of cups filled with mouthwash! While my fellow work colleagues wouldn’t get the mouthwash, I could do this one but fill it with coffee! (provided I don’t drink it before I pull the trick)

Office covered in tin foil for April fools joke
Office covered in tin foil for April fools joke

6 – I hope they don’t foil my plans!

Now what we have here really is a classic, the old comedy office wrapped in tin foil prank. And to be honest, it is not a bad one at all! I might just be able to pull this one-off, but I do get the feeling that the noise of the foil being moulded will alert any and all to what I am doing.

Office items replaced with cardboard ones as a prank
Office items replaced with cardboard ones as a prank

5 – Why is my screen not working?!?

This has got to be one that is really worth considering, simply replacing an office desks items with cardboard cuts outs of them is pure genius! Should this be the prank I try to pull off?!?

Office wrapped in wrapping paper
Office wrapped in wrapping paper

4 – I got this prank thing all wrapped up.

Not a bad idea at all, and a perfect use of all that leftover Christmas wrapping paper I have! The only problem that I can see with this April fools joke is that I can hardly wrap a square box let alone a whole office! Still, it is one to consider doing for sure.

Office turned pink for an April fools joke
Office turned pink for an April fools joke

3 – No so Pretty in Pink

This one might just do it! Working in a 90% male environment this would bring a touch of colour to things, and it looks simple enough to pull off! But where am I going to find 2 pink screens and a pink keyboard and mouse?!? This prank is not looking so easy now.

Office filled with trolls
Office filled with trolls

2 – The Master Trolling

These days of the internet the word “troll” is often seen as a nasty prankster so why not pull off a nasty office prank “Trolling”  by filling it with those funny haired troll dolls! This is a great idea if only I had kept my troll toys instead of throwing them away.

Sega's Sonic The Hedge Hogs Office Prank Makeover
Sega’s Sonic The Hedge Hogs Office Prank Makeover

1 – To be this good takes ages!!!

Don’t get the headline to this one? Well, “ages” is “Sega” backwards! They used it as an advert in the 90’s. (yes, I am that old!!!) Anyway, I have come across this rather amazing April fools office prank where fellow SEGA employees turn their co-workers desk into an entire Sonic the Hedgehog landscape!

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  2. I think they got the idea to cover the office in post it notes from the film Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey

  3. So I need to know, which did you do?? I know someone who freeze dried doughnuts and set them out as snacks – looked totally fine but were hard as rocks! Another person collected the track balls from everyone’s mouse and set them in a jar as candy at the front desk – may not work these days with the new mice (mouses?). April Fools- what a great holiday!

  4. Was lol to all of these, love them. I reckon the troll one was the funniest I remember the trolls I had god people were obsessed with them. The post it note one looks awesome but would takes ages, i don’t think i could be bothered. Once my husband and his work mates changed a few letters around on this guys keyboard so funny he didn’t know what was going on!! Where would you even buy trolls from now?

  5. I know it’s a little late, but you should definitely do the sticky notes, cups of mouthwash (or other drink), or the tinfoil. I just think it’s hilarious to cover things up or make them almost inaccessible! Anyway, there’s always next year!

  6. We do work very hard. I work for the largest privately owned company in the world Cargill Inc. I am recovering from surgery and still working, just from home!

  7. I’m going to think about it and consider it carefully 🙂 they would know its me. So long as I give a very sweet apology …. Love the idea!

  8. Absolutely not. I’m not even allowed in without permission and even then I have to wait in the doorway. But there is something about the post-it note one that is quite harmless and I might have to give that a go. In Hadleigh’s study, because he’s nicer 😀

  9. Great ideas. We have fun Friday at my work. We have done hallway bowling, virtual tennis, ball throwing, slinky races and of course punching balls. Anything to make the day fun.

  10. I like the rats & the cups (switching the mouthwash to 100’s coffee cups for someone I know who takes their time removing used coffee mugs off their desk would be quite funny)

  11. This is just too awesome. Loving your lists and thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing what I got up to for Easter. 🙂

  12. My coworkers and I actually tin foiled our coworkers office when she was out on her honeymoon. It took the entire week to foil every book, pen, object, ceiling tile in the office!

  13. You did explain that well and I hope I wasn’t being just a re-run. It seems people are amused differently as time goes by. While as a kid, I would have stayed up all night to make someone’s workspace look crazy – I wouldn’t want to be on the doing or receiving end of that today – kiddish – fun and – something to do with those big bursts of energy.

    But the subtle, simple, no mess, no waste kind of humor just gives a sublime pleasure. You did a good job of moderating the gap between big effort (and big clean up) and big fun. Nice work! A bit more of a hot topic than I ever would have expected.

    Thanks for fun photos and an interesting discussion. Its over – but what will you do next year?

  14. I love this!

    Number 8 is just darn practical! If my office ever got punked with post its, I would probably use them all within a day or two.

    Great blog! Am enjoying 🙂

  15. As for me, it would depend on the type of day I was having up to that point. I would hate to have to remove a few thousand Post-it-Notes if I were up against an important deadline. I’m also so compulsive that I would have to stick them back together in improvised pads.

  16. Certainly not sarcastic–maybe a little “wry” humor. I AM amazed at your ability to pull all of this together (and I LOVE your banner). Your comments that accompany the photos enhance the fun. In the week or two I’ve been a follower, I’ve sent links to your posts to friends/family almost daily.

  17. Russell–I continue to be in awe of the service you render for man/womankind. You present the best ON ANY TOPIC and put it in one place, saving us the HOURS it would take us to search for these gems. Thanks for being there. –John

  18. We have hundreds of little green men left over from an old branding promotion. You can borrow those?

  19. I just found the broken screen stickers now, that might be worth a go, but I wonder how “sticky” they really are. The you-tube one is good, it made me laugh anyway.

  20. That does sound very cool indeed. Might have to have a good hard think about doing the confetti one as I we do have a cool paper shredder as well. Thanks for the further info.

  21. It looks like a open door policy thing to give a aynominous clue to the boss. That being said you can do all of them to all the bosses all the time instead of reserving it for a holiday.

  22. Is there a way to prank and have it be fun for everyone? I would be really irritated if I had to un-tape, un-wrap, un-something all the stuff in my corporate cubicle. I would go home and I am with appleonavenue – I am getting tired just thinking about sticking post its everywhere or buying and using endless rolls of aluminum foil! I think the tattoo idea is economical time wise and could make many a person feel that you pranked yourself!

    Love the snaps – nice entertainment, but I am falling asleep now thinking about staying up all night industriously doing any of these things.

  23. We redecorated my boss’ office when he was on a work trip once. Everyone brought in items from their basement (or grandma’s basement) including a huge velvet Elvis painting. Then we texted him random pictures of different items in his office. Not quite as epic as some of the examples, but it did the trick.

  24. Some were meticulously planned (i.e. the victim was out for a couple days) others were spur of the moment. The office I worked in loved to prank people when they reached a mile-stone birthday. I had all three of the above mentioned on my 40th b-day and they video taped my reaction to boot!
    The confetti is easy, especially if you have one of those paper shredders that totally minces the paper. We would shred multi-colored paper for a colorful display.
    Believe me, when the confetti monster attacked my office, I literally found confetti for the next year and a half! It would fall out of the strangest places! The confetti was awesome! 🙂

  25. Good ones. We used to put confetti in people’s closed umbrellas. hmm, might have to do that umbrella one soon.
    When someone would come back from vacation, we would fiddle with their phone cord so it looked like it was connected, but when the phone rang, they could not hear the person on the other end.

  26. Often times office supply stores have very realistic cardboard computer monitors that eventually are unneeded. You may be able to get one of those. I’ve seen some pretty realistic looking “broken screen” stickers that might be fun. I can’t picture myself taking all that time to make a big mess – I guess my sense of humor doesn’t understand the post-its or the cups. Have you seen the YouTube prank this year? I had a few friends going with it for the first few minutes which I found quite amusing! 😛 Maybe you could use that somehow.

  27. These looked like a lot of fun, but not worth the effort. lol. They all took a lot of planning and hard work, when did the co-workers do this? I’ve seen sticky notes covering cars, never thought about the math! Looks like they plan for months! I’m afraid I’ll have to endure another April 1 without pulling a prank. I’m OK with it…I have low goals. They’re easier to reach. Thanks for giving me a taste of April 1!

  28. I’ve done the foiling – right down to individual aspirin tablets and pages in books. It’s time consuming, but not nearly as much so as removing it! Hope you report back on your decision –

  29. Considering I have been the victim of pranks like this, I’d go with the foil. That’s one that hasn’t been done to me.
    I’ve been covered in confetti (confetti was in every drawer, every nook and cranny, every file, over the floor, under the floor mat….you name it).
    I’ve been toilet papered.
    And…the best one….taped. Yes, everything in my office was covered in packing tape or taped down, including my desk chair to the floor. Ugh!
    Good luck! It’s fun if you can do it and not get caught! (I’ve done my share….I had to retaliate!) 🙂

  30. My youth group actually pulled the mouthwash prank except since I am a pastor they filled my office with900 cups of water and left a note on the door reading “Have you been baptized yet?”

  31. Well at least I am not alone on that then, maybe we should team up and do something. Or maybe have some coffee and just talk about what we will do for 6hrs then forget all about it.

  32. I am with ivansblogeorld. I like foil, it is relatively easy, not too costly, quite quick to tidy up and extremely effective. May I say some people may think this light hearted, however this is a serious subject. I posted on, facebook, a photo of a Dalai Lama tattoo I found on google and proclaimed I had finally got my tattoo done.

  33. Thanks for another great blog. It’s difficult to decide, I am too much of a practical person, on the how’s too, and how practical it is to pull off. And lastly who will clean up. However the cardboard keyboard, monitor office looks like a great plan. Or you could just put very interesting pictures over monitors in the office. This will give everybody a good laugh. Good luck if you do a prank at the office.. Ivan

  34. I’ve played a few on some people and they’ve pulled a few good ones on me. Love these ideas but holy cow that would take forever!

  35. First you need to know how well you are acquainted with someone before “doing” his/hers cubicle and what is likely to make them laugh. All of these are really cool, the Post It in different colors would be quite interesting. Or how about cats instead of rats? Whatever you choose will either cost you in time and work or money – how about something you can use as a promotional gift for the company. Yes, the Promotional Advisor would think of that angle.

  36. hmmm coffee or prank? Oh I don’t think there is much choice as both of us love us some coffee. Much better then pranks anyway. You do a prank then someone wants to get even….never ending it could be. We are better off with the coffee.

  37. I like the cardboard box one. I think you should do that one. ha! They are all cute, even the bathroom. I’ve never done a April Fools prank either! Maybe we should get together on one. 😉

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