Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

What I have always found funny is the way we talk to our pets. Regularly I will find myself talking to the dog, asking what he thinks about my choice of food for him. And the other day I remembered something my mum used to do, she used to put the dog on the phone to talk to me! And so with this rather happy memory of the funny things our parents do, I have decided to bring you…

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Mobile Phones


Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Hedgehog using a phone

10 – “You sugar gliders are crazy, sure I will join you, let me ask sloth if he wants to come.”

FACT: Do you think apple has sold the most phones? Well, it is nothing compared to Nokia, as over 250 million Nokia 1100 devices were sold, making it the best-selling mobile phone ever made!

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Sloth using a phone

9 – “That was Hedgehog on the phone he wanted to have a sleepover.”

FACT: It is thought that each and every day in 2012 Apple sold 340,000 iPhones! Please, not that the previous facts still stands up because it was different ranges of phones, not just a single device.

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Snail using a phone

8 – “I hate talking to sloth on the phone, he talks too fast!”

FACT: The problem with mobiles these days is that they are all touch interfaced meaning our fingers are all over the, and in 2012 after a study of more than 1,000 mobile phone screens it averaged out that mobiles have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles!

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Rhesus monkey using a phone

7 – “Snail took so long on the phone, he forgot why he rung me in the first place!”

FACT: While over here in the UK only 11% of all mobiles are waterproof, in Japan 90% of them are waterproof because people tend to use them even in the shower or bath!

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Cat using a phone

6 – “Listen you chimp, don’t call me until it’s Caturday, you got it!?”

FACT: The first mobile telephone call was made on April 3, 1973 by Martin Cooper, and he rang the boss of a rival manufacturer to tell him that he had lost the race to develop a portable, hand–held device! Now that is showing off.

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Bird using a phone

5 – “No I don’t want to have dinner round yours Cat, last time you said I WAS the dinner!”

FACT: Do you think paying 3-400 for a mobile phone is a rip-off? Well, just 30yrs ago the first mobile phones cost £2,500 each!

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Dog using a phone

4 – “The cat said what to you bird?! Just you wait till I see him, he will get chased for sure!”

FACT: When was the first “smartphone” invented? Well believe it or not a smartphone is classed as such if having the ability to view internet pages, even if they are mobile ones. So the answer you are looking at is 1996! Not so long at at all.

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Horse using a phone

3 -“Sure we can play chase dog, just let me get my shoes on..oh..they’re kind of glued on!”

FACT: Have you ever wondered what was the World’s toughest mobile phone? Well the king of them all is the Sonim XP3300 Force, and in tests it survived an 84ft drop on to a layer of concrete without suffering any operational damage at all!

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Rabbit using a phone

2 – “Sounds like a plan to me Horse! Should I bring some carrots or are you?!?”

FACT: Have you ever wondered why text messages have a 160-character limit? Well the strange part here is that the inventor Friedhelm Hillebrand says that he just picked a number at random! There really was no reason it wasn’t 200 or 20! Obviously there was some limits on the technology of the time, but it is thought that text messages could have been 500 characters without any issues at all.

Top 10 Images of Animals on the Phone

Sugar gliders using a phone

1 -“Sure we will come rabbit, sounds like fun. Let us ask hedgehog if he wants to join us.”

FACT: Do you suffer from any of these?: Telephonobia is the fear of phone calls, Nomophobia is the fear of being out of signal range or Ringxiety which is when you hear (or feel) your mobile ringing when it’s not! I think I often suffer from the last one.

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  • Adriene

    I see what you did by linking the phone calls together. Veyr clever Russell, very clever indeed.

  • blueribbonfair

    I liked the rabbit one also the most.

  • Russell Deasley

    He does indeed, I think it must have taken ages to get some of these images, things like the rabbit and sugar gliders don’t stay still for long.

  • Jennifer

    I love your top tens, well most of them. Cats are not my thing. And your captions are always very clever :-)

  • dog friendly hotels

    I like the rabbit the best. He looks like he’s listening intently.

  • Russell Deasley

    Thank you Jennifer, I always worry about doing creative writing like that because I am not a good writer or indeed a proper blogger, I am just a nerd that likes top 10’s.

  • Jennifer

    Love the way you got them each talking to the one above them.

  • ivansblogworld

    Hey I think it was a great post you cannot please everybody. Ivan