Top 10 Digital Art: Animals Made of Fruit

What is a good ‘Photoshopped’ picture classed as? Is it digital art? Photo manipulation?!? Fake images!?! Well, I have to admit that I would just call it art. After all it is just a representation of what the artist is trying to portray to us, just in a digital form! So anyway, with that rather boring nerd thought discussions out the way I bring you…

Top 10 Digital Art: Animals Made of Fruit

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Fruit

 Banana and a Trout
Banana and a Trout

10 – Banana + Trout = Baout!

FACT: Did you know if you rub a banana peel (inside bit) on a scrape or burn it will help the pain go away within a short space of time and keep the swelling down! Strangely they can also prevent wounds from becoming infected as well.

Apple and Goldfish
Apple and Goldfish

9 – Apple + Goldfish = Appishle

FACT: Apples might well be a very tasty fruit, but the plants origins and species are in fact from the rose family. Flower apples!

Frog and Strawberry
Frog and Strawberry

8 – Strawberry + Tree Frog = Frogberry!

FACT: The humble Strawberry is rammed full of flavonoids which are why the strawberry is red, but they are also well known to help reduce cholesterol from clogging up the heart’s arteries! Superfruit indeed.

Tomato and Horse
Tomato and Horse

7 – Tomato + Horse = Horsato!

FACT: Do you suffer from spots? Well, it turns out a tomato’s acidity is powerful enough to clear up pimples and blemishes. Just rub some juice all over your face and you will notice a considerable reduction in as little as 2 weeks! Who needs creams and lotions when you have tomatoes!?

Strawberry and owl
Strawberry and owl

6 – Strawberry + Owl = Strowl

FACT: Not all strawberries are red, in fact, some can be white or yellow! And strangely depending on the colour, some even taste like pineapples! Weird indeed.

Mixed Fruits and Vegetables and owl
Mixed Fruits and Vegetables and owl

5 – Mixed Fruits and Vegetables + Owl = The Salad Bar Owl

FACT: Vegetables that have a darker green colour to them can hold almost twice as much vitamin C in them than light green coloured vegetables! So when choosing, go for the darker looking ones.

Orange Peel and Frog
Orange Peel and Frog

4 – Orange Peel + Frog = Oranog!

FACT: Not all oranges are orange in colour! Some are red, yellow green and even white! While those other coloured oranges are part of the same family of plants they all taste very differently indeed, some of the yellow ones are known to taste much like apples!

Aubergine and Penguin
Aubergine and Penguin

3 – Aubergine + Penguin = Auberguin

FACT: Aubergine are often called eggplants, but strangely while I might have been used to calling them aubergines, the true name is eggplants in all parts of the world except Europe!

Melon and Turtle
Melon and Turtle

2 – Melon + Turtle = Murtle!

FACT: Here is a strange fact for you all. The British watermelon looks and tastes like an ordinary watermelon, but the juice from our British watermelons seems to glow under water! It doesn’t, but the neon colour of it in water gives it that effect in direct sunlight.

Pineapple, Banana and owl
Pineapple, Banana and owl

1 – Pineapple + Banana + Owl = Banappowl

FACT: The pineapple is not actually a fruit, but rather it is a collection of up to 200 fruitlets all fused together! So not one fruit, but lots of them!

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  6. Hi there, could you give me a link to the people that created these? I am working on a project and would love to get their advice. Many thanks

  7. magnificent points altogether, you simply gained a brand new reader.

    What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days
    ago? Any positive?

  8. That is excellent. I particularly like the eggplant penguin (sorry, I’m American, we say eggplant). I have to admit that the tomato (toe-may-toe) horse is a bit freaky though. And in light of all the horse meat brouhaha, timely.

  9. You’re welcome
    We have to stick together in blogworld. Jules wrote an entire blogpost about NRM, and it really kicked up my stats.
    BTW not sure why but the wonder that is WordPress won’t allow me to add you to my follow list. I’ll have anopther go, cos your site is always worth a visit, and if I follow you it’ll appear in my list.

  10. Internet trolls are everywhere. But there are also some truly amazing people that interact with our blogs regularly and it is those people we should pay attention to. Good Luck.

  11. Well I think that is a given that you have some strange fans. I don’t at the moment but I have not been doing this long and besides I am a man, and a nerd at that so people tend to think I am strange enough to leave alone, if it ever gets real bad let me know and I will look into what you can do about it a lot deeper. But try not to let it get you down.

  12. I will take your advice seriously. I’m thinking that I don’t have much of a case though. The guy hasn’t said anything inappropriate on my blog. He hasn’t even commented. It’s just that his presence is creepy. Honestly I was hoping you would tell me that everyone has a few psychos following them. That it just comes with the blogging territory. But neigh.

  13. lol. I’ve heard about the trolling thing. The guy hasn’t done anything to cross the line. His blog is just creepy. But i’ll keep that in mind if it gets weird. blah….

  14. Art is in the eye of the beholder. It is certainly great examples of creativity and imagination. I don’t know how to use Photoshop, so it truly intrigues me and and I am in awe.

  15. So it is! (hastily looks for non existent edit button)

    I meant the OTHER 9 (that closely resembles a 10), a very similar concept to “No I meant the OTHER Left” when giving directions.

  16. Do you know that you can in fact report him to the police! Trolling is officaly a crime and they can find him and they will catch him. Don’t stand for it and put your foot down…into his FACE!

  17. Thank you. I wish I could block this guy from seeing my blog. I had this person follow me and his blog is about how he’s a psychopath. Which is not okay with me. Anyone who hurts other people with no remorse is plain evil..Ahhh. Scary! I figured I would have to deal with creeps from time to time but this is over the top. It’s makes me question whether or not it’s worth putting myself out there. Anyway thanks for the info.

  18. Always do what you believe in yourself, to say it with a platitude – hence the reason I keep being cynical in my online rambings : )) I really look forward to your updates.

  19. OMG! They look so delicious. I like the Strawberry Frog, but I wonder if it tastes like strawberry, too. I guess not… so I’m waiting the day when the geneticists will be able to do such “fruity animals”. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Where the heck is the Lassie that looks like a watermelon?!?
    (you know – – Melon-collie) ROFL!
    Nice pics – people who can photoshop art amaze me!

  21. Another nice post – thanks.

    I do however feel compelled to correct you on number 9. Whist it does resemble the Pacific Baout, as stated, the number and configuration of peels displayed identify this as a rather fine example of the elusive “Musa Salvelinus Australis” also known as the “The Southern Freshwater Tranana”.

    Keep the great posts coming.

  22. The strawberry and the orange peel frogs where my favorite. Hey Russell I have a blogging question. How do I block a ‘follower’? Is it even possible? And what does blocking actually do? It’s seems like no matter what the guy could still search for my blog and view it.

    Thanks so much.

  23. You know what I really really love about your blog? It always brings a smile to my face! Thank you for the work you do! It is nice to have something fun to look at everyday! I just wanted you to know over and above the ‘likes’ ‘tweets’ and shares that I look forward to your posts each day! 🙂

  24. If I remember right I got here about the second week of your posts. Dang it! I like being number 1. 😉 Your secret is safe with me. You are so welcome

  25. I am honored that the purveyor of a blog listing the ten bests of a variety of things would stop ’round my site and sign up to follow. Thanx for doing so. If I up my game, some day I might get an honorable mention.

  26. Yeah strawberry frog is amazing for sure. And if you thought this was a good one wait until tomorrow as it’s a REALLY big one! And it took me ages so I am looking forward to seeing how it does.

  27. That was entertaining. I love the strawberry frog. Does that mean frog legs taste like strawberries? ha! The melon turtle was cool. Fits it for some weird reason. Cute stuff Russell. You go Superblogger! (with cape)

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