Top 10 Funny Images of Animals in Sinks

What I really like most about everyone that reads my posts is that most of you have at least something to add in the comments. Sometimes it is a happy memory I have reminded you of, and sometimes it is just to say that you enjoyed it. (both are deeply appreciated) After doing my blog post “Top 10 Cats in Sinks” people were telling me all sorts of stories about the animals they have seen in sinks, some filled with water, some not, but always a rather happy looking animal in a ceramic sink. So without further delay…

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals in Sinks

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Sink Cleaning Tips

Ducklings in a sink
Ducklings in a sink

10 – ROLL-UP,ROLL-UP Just hook one out of the sink and look at the number on its belly!

Cleaning Tip: Try to bleach the sink every few days to keep the porcelain nice and white, but if you hate the smell of bleach try different “flavours” of it as I am sure there is one you will like.

Hedgehog In a sink
Hedgehog In a sink

9 – “why does your hair look like you have been crawling around in a hedge!?”

Cleaning Tip: Do you have a stubborn stain in the kitchen sink? Well just soak the stained area in vinegar and water, then after 30 minutes, scrub the area until cleaned! This works like a treat apparently.

Racoon in a Sink
Racoon in a Sink

8 – “Don’t look at me like that! That dustbin attacked me and trapped me inside of it!

Cleaning Tip: Do you really hate using bleach? Then try using baking soda! Make a mixture of baking soda and water. into a sort of paste and scrub your skin like there’s no tomorrow! You will be amazed at the results.

Rabbit in a Sink
Rabbit in a Sink

7 – “I can clearly hear you talking about how dirty I am you know!”

Cleaning Tip: Vinegar, Baking Soda, and water mixed together make a great cleaning paste, but as a side bonus it also makes a wonderful air freshener and can keep the room fresh and the sink clean for days on end!

Micro pig in a Sink
Micro pig in a Sink

6 – Have you not heard the saying? It is happy as a pig in sh…eesh that water is cold!!!

Cleaning Tip: Do you live in a hard water area and suffer from terrible limescale? Then all you need to do to get rid of it is to rub white wine vinegar into the main affected area, then cover that whole area in toilet paper, then dry for 20 mins, clean rinse and you will be amazed at the results.

Budgies Skateboarding in a Sink
Budgies Skateboarding in a Sink

5 – “OPM said heaven was a half-pipe, they must not have known about sinks!”

Cleaning Tip: Never, ever use a coarse scouring materials as this might scratch the surface, keep thinks like brillo pads for the pots and pans, not the sink its self.

Pygmy hippopotamus in a Sink
Pygmy hippopotamus in a Sink

4 – “Stop calling me cute, I am very angry and worked up!”

Cleaning Tip: Want to make that white sink really shine? Then use paper towels to buff them! This will rub in any cleaner you have used and created a smooth, polished finish.

Great Dane in a Sink
Great Dane in a Sink

3 – “If I am honest, it is not as comfortable as the cat makes it look.”

Cleaning Tip: It doesn’t matter how much you pay for it, 99% of the time any branded or unbranded sink cleaner over the basin and then scrubbed with a non-abrasive cloth will get any sink clean!

Guinea pig in a Sink
Guinea pig in a Sink

2 – “If I go down this metal hole, will I end up in Wonderland?!?”

Cleaning Tip: Cleaning a pure white sink doesn’t need to be stressful, every evening just before you go to sleep give it a quick rinse with some soap and if you keep doing that no major mess or stains will ever build up! It is only through lack of consistent cleaning that the build up will happen.

Bobcat in a Sink
Bobcat in a Sink

1 – “The cat in that hat couldn’t make it, I am the lynx in your sinks”

Cleaning Tip: Always try to remember to rinse out your white sink after every use, this will help keep food coloured stains at bay and make overall cleaning of the sink much less hassle.

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    1. Are they really that small? 1. I would piss myself if I found that kitty in my bathroom waiting for me. It’s funny cause it didn’t happen
  2. It definitely would, although not near enough like the post-it prank which I did not do! We don’t have any chicks or ducks here at all 🙁 Just horses. And mosquitoes.

  3. Impossible to pick a favorite from this bunch. The ducklings and hedgehog got a huge “AWWW!” reaction, as did the pygmy hippo. But those budgies with the little skateboards — fantastic! And that dog — how did he even get up there? Too funny!

  4. I am so delighted with this post! I had to laugh at the skateboarding parakeets (that’s our USA term for budgies), so funny! I can visualize the hippo quite well because it is a baby and a pygmy – any other would not fit. They are great in their own way – I do wonder how easy it was for them to get the dog in the sink.

  5. I’m not sure. Apparently, they must be rather docile, but this was 30 years ago, and I think we now know how dangerous it is to have a “wild” animal as a pet. I think they are rather small, for a big cat. Still I wouldn’t want to be a locked room with one!

  6. I love all of these, especially that hippo…so cute. Oh, and that little pig…squeee. The ducklings in the sink…genius. The Great Dane is too funny (Get in the sink, the cat said. It’s sooo comfy, the cat said…hahaha).

  7. Haha! Loving the skateboarding budgies!! And the baby hippo, so cute I can’t stop looking at it :D.

  8. You don’t go for the easy (crass) humor, and I’ve never seen you cross the line into poor taste or offensive language. I pride myself on sticking to clean clean humor, and you’ve earned MY respect.

  9. I was young then! But, seriously, I took him through AKC obedience training (beginning to advanced). He was so well-behaved. I still love Danes but I don’t think I’d have the energy now. They require a lot. I wish people understood that more.

  10. you’ve done it again….! gotta love the skateboarders! 🙂

    my, but that link certainly looks comfortable in that sink! 🙂

  11. Story was Dinky Duck died shortly after being given away. I never recovered. I have my suspicions….

    My Dane wasn’t ever in a sink but I leashed him to my VW Beetle once to give him a bath. Darn dog dragged the VW several inches when I turned on the hose so I gave it up. I was afraid he was going to kill himself!

  12. Reblogged this on AIDS nation and commented:
    O this takes me back to the eighties when my life partner Charles was still alive and we were living in Forest Gate, East London. We used to have two Great Danes a mother and daughter, and for their size they were definitely the smartest and daftest dogs I have ever known. This picture has made me laugh because it has brought back memories that I had lost because of the AIDS Dementia, Thank you very much too whoever posted it for allowing my memory recover these memories. Thank You.

  13. To be honest answering the comments are my reward for the time taken to do the post. Well that is the way I see it anyway. And thank you for the great words of encouragement, they are very much appreciated

  14. Bobcat in a sink! Tell me about it, I was more surprised than anyone. When I start these top 10’s I have no idea what I will find or if they are even possible.

  15. Okay then, I would love to have them all and then put them in the sink one by one and just for the spite I will get you too and put you in the sink and take a photo of you as well.

  16. Absolutely adorable Russell and thanks for sharing these cuties. I would like to have them all in my sink thank you! 😀

  17. I don’t have a clear favorite here. I do love the look on the face of the cat in #1. I think he could use a bigger sink don’t you?

  18. Aw, I had a duck when I was a little kid and he lived in a sink at our hotel. When he got too big my parents gave him to a family that had a pond. The Dane, of course, reminded me of my Great Dane. I just love all the pictures. So adorable! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. Total joy to see this. Part of the delight is in the variety, wow. And you have me guessing where on earth are such sinks for the ready or reluctant creatures hopped in them. Another part so touching are the two with human hands, which are all grace and tenderness whomever they belong to.
    I have given baths to many rescued or sickly creatures, mostly cats, who really needed it. If they were too weak to resist, they enjoyed the warm and getting clean. If it was flea-bath time, well, you develop technique and hope not to bleed to death. However I have known 2 or 3 cats in my life who actually loved water and being bathed and surprised both of us in the process.
    This was a lovely post. Bravo.

  20. I don’t know where you find the time to post such great posts daily AND reply to literally every comment. Superman! This post was adorable, especially the ducklings, hedgehog and hippo. Although, the cutest thing to fit in my sink is definitely my daughters 🙂 Night night.

  21. Adorable! My husband once visited a girlfriend at her mother’s, and the mom owned a lynx. It surprised my husband in the bathroom. Needless to say, the bathroom needed a good cleaning after he raced out the door.

  22. I doubt that very much! It still amazes me the amount of time and effort you must have to put in to produce these as regularly as you do but they’re great and enjoyed by so many people 🙂

  23. thank you so much! It is still great to receive such nice comments from you and I hope it always will, but then again I will post a top 10 you don’t like one day it is inevitable!

  24. Fantastic! The pictures are great and your captions had me chuckling at my computer… ROLL-UP,ROLL-UP Just hook one out of the sink and look at the number on it’s belly! and “If I am honest, it is not as comfortable as the cat makes it look.” … excellent! 😀 That poor raccoon looks petrified though!

  25. They are definitely some cool birds. Who made them skateboards? And why? I can’t imagine thinking, “Hey I bet if I made them skateboards, my budgies would skate in the sink.”

  26. Pygmy hippos stay somewhat small, perhaps getting to the size of an adult pig. Standard hippos are super aggressive and perhaps one of the most dangerous water animals out there. I still want one!

  27. I have no idea. Ha ha! All I know is that you could make it nice if you adopted it as a baby. He he (Ahh, how I wish). You could train it (;

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