Top 10 Images of Animals in Drains

I only need to say the word “Goldfish” for most of you know where this is going. Yep! As a child I had a Goldfish I called Jaws (yes I know it wasn’t very unique)  and that dreaded day came when Jaws died and he was flushed down the loo never to be seen again. But growing up in children’s home means that the other kids sometimes said nasty things! I was told he would come back to life and bite my bum when I was sat on the toilet! So please hold my hand as I try to take a look at all those horrible, mutated and scary animals that live in drains and maybe try to find out just what happened to my poor old Goldfish…

Top 10 Images of Animals in Drains

Raccoon in a Drain
Raccoon in a Drain

10 – Raccoon

Apparently in Michigan, USA it is quite common for Raccoons to live in drains and drainage pipes, Sadly this poor guy got his head stuck, but as you can read all about in the link he was fine once he was freed. But he is also the first sign that drain dwelling creatures might not be all that they are made out to be!

Rabbit in a Drain
Rabbit in a Drain

9 – Rabbit

Seen right here in the UK these simply amazing images that were captured by someone on their way to work! Poor little drain bunny.

Stoat in a Drain
Stoat in a Drain

8 – Stoat

It doesn’t get much stranger than this awesome image of a stoat (a sort of weasel) that lives in a drain! For some reason, I get the feeling that this blog page is turning into “Wind in the willows” rather than scary drain creatures!

Barn Owl in a Drain
Barn Owl in a Drain

7 – Barn Owls

I swear that this is a real image and has not been Photoshopped in any way, what you really are looking at is a whole family of Barn Owls that do in fact live in a drain! Maybe they ate my Goldfish!

Cat in a Drain
Cat in a Drain

6 – Cat

It is not looking good for my fish! What you see above is in Spain and apparently they have several hundred thousand homeless cats wandering around in their sewer! But with the kindness of strangers and strange cat people 99.9% of them get to eat at least once a day.

Raccoon in a Drain
Raccoon in a Drain

5 – Raccoon

I know I had a Raccoon already in this list, but this amazing image of an entire family of them sticking their little heads out of the gutter just had to be included. Bless em! I wonder if they know what happened to my goldfish!

Yellow Bellied Marmot in a Drain
Yellow Bellied Marmot in a Drain

4 – Yellow Bellied Marmot

Before anyone starts shouting “RAT” read the story in the link because this in reality is Marmot and is in fact lost but had been living in the drains for quite a while before anyone realised it wasn’t in fact a rat.

Cow in a Drain
Cow in a Drain

3 – Cow

This is, in fact, one of two cows which fled an abattoir in northern France. It was found ‘hiding’ in a drain, was rescued and you will be happy to hear given a chance to live out the rest of its life in a field. Sure it was hiding in a drain but it does have a happy ending!

Dog in a Drain
Dog in a Drain

2 – Dog

While it might seem like he is stuck, he is, in fact, stood inside a much larger drainage system. Seen in Paris France apparently several wild dogs will roam the streets and sewer pipes and networks looking for food.

Chipmunk in a Drain
Chipmunk in a Drain

1 – Chipmunk

There are apparently hundreds of thousands of chipmunks that live in drain and sewers of their native countries and they have even been known to become friends with the much larger rat population! So while I didn’t find my Goldfish at least he is not alone and might even make a friend or two.

146 thoughts on “Top 10 Images of Animals in Drains”

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  4. What, no rats? That’s what everyone knows them for! I see how it is…or were you supporting rats by going against the stereotype? Hm…*suspicious face*

  5. And for that I have the deepest respect for you I really do. I can only do my best and not let you down, because I have a little ones myself so I know how important it is to monitor this kind of thing, sure my little one is only 4 and not on-line alone (obviously) but he still plays angry birds and some kids games while I watch.

  6. Now that says so much more than I could ever had dreamed of. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and I promise it will always be family friendly until the day I run out of ideas. (truly honoured by your comment)

  7. lol there are no limits to what top 10 lists you can make =P
    that cow one was crazy! yikes :S … the 3 raccoons were cute, I gotta say, even though I don’t like em’ generally 🙂

  8. Hi Russell,

    I wanted to share with you that, I introduced my 8 year old to your blog a few weeks ago, and she loves it.

    I shared this information with her teacher and your blog has been approved, to be logged as my daughters daily reading time.

    So you can now add elementary educator to your resume!


  9. Well that makes sense. If a cow can get in, imagine what else you could find there? UFO’s, The Silence {blinks} what I’m sorry what was I typing?

  10. Thanks so much for the compliment. Your blog always gives me a smile – often several as well as some great laughs. Unfortunately my furry critters in the last post don’t let us humans see them.

  11. Your blog is hilarious, such a great find/read! Top ten animals that live in drains…who woulda thunk?! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas with the world. 🙂

  12. Pull up the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on your google and you will feel even better!!! it is a beautiful place for a resurrected goldfish to spend eternity. I know all my fish are there and so is Jaws. I clocked in a lot of time there because I grew up in the neighborhood bordering it.

  13. The awwww factor worked again! I loved it, made me smile huge, and I am so grateful that you remembered to tell us that those who appeared stuck were in fact okay. Thanks for that!

  14. Because I looked up about these wild cats (worried about them like you are) and found out about the people who feed them. Some people give so much to the cats that they have very little money for food for themselves! Now that is my kind of person.

  15. That can be said about almost all the things I post about, sometimes these top 10’s work, and sometimes they don’t. It’s hard to tell when you start them which way they will go.

  16. “Children’s movies that scarred children for life” for me the list would be never ending! And great spin on my goldfish story, it does make me feel a little bit better.

  17. “Genius post” let me tell you that I never thought I would read that about my little blog in a million years! I only started this as a way of showing myself cool things. *LOL* But thank you for the very kind words of encouragement.

  18. All the pictures were cute and made me smile, I did feel sorry for the cow though – any cow that smart ought to stay alive! 😀
    Thanks for coming by my blog… Coming by yours first thing this morning was a good idea!

  19. I love your blog so so much! Always brightens up my mood! Thanks! 🙂 Btw, I got surprised with the cow! How the heck did it fit in there! Hahaha!

  20. Yellow Bellied Marmot – Is this the same species they are trying to kill off in Florida? I seen a documentary of them over-running the Everglades and sheriff deputies were shooting them for target practice.

  21. This verifies that I am not crazy to think a raccoon cute. It does make me sad that certain animals have to live in the sewer system.. ):

    But this post did remind me of the time when I was a child and my family discovered a family of rats living in our kitchen. It was a sad ending…but maybe next time you can do tribute to our (favorite or not so much) guests in our homes?

    Great post !

  22. Well….I think I know what happened to jaws. One morning, when I was a little ‘un, I went to the bathroom and there in the toilet, was swimming – a goldfish! It seems my dad cleaned fishbowl and when dumping the water out, missed one. Now at this point, I like to think it was Jaws, resurrected and flushed all the way to Durham, NC. I’m here to tell you, he lived until he was too big for the bowl and then he went to live at the gorgeous goldfish pond at the Sara P. Duke Gardens, residing in splendor by the lovely gothic West Campus of Duke University. I like to think Jaws is still there, trolling under the lilies and about a foot long by now.

    I’m glad you gave rescue stories and happy endings or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Obviously scarred for life by the Movie Bambi….here’s a top 10 for you: Children’s movies that scarred children for life. I love lists and I love your blog!

  23. absolutely adorable … except the chipmunk … I used to think they were so cute … until they moved into my gutters and downspouts along my house … no fun when they are the cause of your flooded basement …while they can be extremely destructive, they are also extremely photogenic 🙂

  24. Glad to help. It’s a habit I’ve picked up on Jottify. All the writers try to pick up the typos in others work, because when you write something and check it yourself the brain see what ought to be there not what is actually there. Tricky things brains. 🙂

  25. I want to know how YOU know that 99.9% of the cats are fed at least once per day! That cat was so lovely…now I’m worried about them. I’m sure the others will be fine. Weasels, rabbits, owls- all resourceful wild animals. The freaky ones like the cow in the drain (really?) – I’m confident some one would notice that. Who feeds the kitties?

  26. I didn’t really want scary animals, just ones in drains that can make people smile! And it was no problem with the like, as I do like to catch up with your blog posts when I get time, it helps to motivate me.

  27. The links do take you to the original owner, all you have to do is delete the URL back to the last “/” no read the page, I don’t do it to the page it’s self because I have no idea what that page will contain and I can’t read all the website to make assure it ius safe as it would take me forever to do a post. The ( source) link is really only there so Googler gives that site the credit for the image and this is a plus for their website not mine. See it does kind of maker sense the way I do things! ( in a nerdy way)

  28. If you wanted it to be scary creatures, furry four-footed ones weren’t the ones to choose. As for the alligator – time to call the Gator Boys! Actually, it goes to show that animals are having to adapt to our environment because we have paved over so much of theirs. Thanks for the Like on my latest post.

  29. Some of those were a little bit creepy/gruesome (the cow for example) but lots of lovely cute ones too – possibly the rabbit, or the stoat were cutest.
    Should the source hyperlink take us to the original website? For the rabbit one, I clicked on ‘source’ to see more pictures of bunnies, but it just took me to a larger version of the photo. Same for the stoat. I haven’t clicked on the other ones yet.

  30. Hey there! Thanks for the like over at Room to Breathe…appreciate it! I am not sure how your attention was draw to my blog, but I do sincerely hope it was not because the dreaded childhood cancer thing I mostly write about, entered your life. I now follow you. Clearly anyone that lists the top ten animals living in drains, best eye bombing, nerd inspired russian dolls, etc. seriously has a blog I want to follow. I look forward to more laughs your blog has already provided me with. Yours kindly, Alli

  31. All those happy little drain dwellers. I was expecting alligators and giant rats (maybe even a ROUS or two).. and bats, and all kinds of creepy crawlies… I like the ones you posted better, of course.

  32. The stoat and the owl are sooooooo cute!!! (sorry I’m a girl XD) Glad the cow was okay! Great idea for a blog btw love it!

  33. Russell, my money’s on the stoat. I’m 100 percent sure he ate Jaws! Thanks for the giggle this post provided! After a hard day of looking for wrinkles, this is just what I needed! 🙂

  34. Oh my goodness!! Your blog is hilarious! I LOVE the animals in drains. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I’m extremely glad, because it led me to yours, and a good laugh is always beneficial.

  35. All very amusing, and as others have said a cheerful moment of the day visiting your blog.
    No.3 the cow was definately a WTF moment as I scrolled down the page 😆 great story with that one. A little typo on no.2 you have a roar instead of a roam I think? I’ll show myself out now…bye. 😉

  36. you have 59 lists you can’t finish? wow, I thought there was enough crazy stuff out there that you could always find 10 of them. Shows what I know.

  37. No I am sure he didn’t. What is it with all these crazy animals and drains!?! When I started this I thought it was going to be number 60 of all the top 10’s I can’t finish, (yes there really is 59 of them) But it seems I had more than enough to choose from!

  38. *LOL* I really don’t feel so bad now. I worked with someone who told the new starter that his Grandfather collected “fish farts” to put inside thermometers! He used to say he would sit there for hours waiting for the tiny bubbles.

  39. hmmm with all those other animals in the drains, I don’t think you have to worry about the goldfish biting your bum. I believe your goldfish could kiss his bum goodbye! But I’m sure he didn’t suffer. 😉

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