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Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Part of me feels a little sorry for kids growing up these days, because when I was a little brat growing up, there was something that today’s kids will most probably never get to experience, and that is youth clubs! Now it can’t just be the UK that is seeing more and more of these sorts of after school activity clubs closing down, and that is a shame because it was  at one of these after school clubs that I got to play my first ever game of table tennis! But these days you can play the game anywhere in videogame form, but that means people might be missing out on all these….

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables


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Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Skip made into a table tennis game

10 – If you play rubbish, blame the table!

This was first seen in my post “Top 10 Best Things Made With Refuse Skips” and is still a great idea, although I would imagine the cost of a rubbish skip would be far more than a humble table tennis one. But if you happen to have one lying around it is a great idea!

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Floating table tennis game for swimming pool

9 – Make diving shot more fun!

If you are lucky enough to own your own swimming pool or at least know of someone with one then you might want to consider buying this floating pool pong table. You might well ask what the difference is between ping-pong and table tennis? Well it seems table tennis is the official name of the sport, and ‘Ping Pong’ was what it was called when it first started up by people and players because of the sound it made while being played!

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Door made into a table tennis game

8 – The games room in limbo

The only reason that this games room is in limbo is because the table tennis game is in fact the door itself! For those of us with smaller homes this might well be the one for us. I have to add that this really is very creative and born of pure genius.

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Conference table made into a table tennis game

7 – The Office Down Time

If like me you spend a lot of time in an office then you might want to consider one of these luxury table tennis games, that also doubles up as a conference table! Not only is it a great little space saver it also looks incredible! But won’t the ping-pong balls mark the surface?!

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Outdoor table tennis game

6 – Fun in the sun

With an amazing looking exposed aggregate concrete table these outdoor table by Henge and nothing but amazing. Built to last, and also made to an Olympic standard and measurements, they really are a thing of both practicality and beauty.

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Spider-Man table tennis game

5 – The Ping Pong Slinger!

Being a nerd I love most things Sci-Fi, and it will come as no surprise that I find this spider-man themed table tennis table nothing short of incredible! It was made by Eleven Ravens and they are the Worlds leading table tennis table maker, and they make 99% of all ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and olympic tables. Oh my I love this so much!

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Mirror table tennis game

4 – Power shots might give you 7 years bad luck!

Made by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija this regulation sized Ping-Pong table is made entirely of mirrors! He made this table for the 2009 art exhibition in Nyehaus gallery, New York, USA and brought along superstar table tennis player Ernesto Ebuen to play against visitors!

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

interactive table tennis game

3 – The future

This might well be a concept product at the moment, but technology is changing so fast it will soon become a very real thing. This interactive table not only tells you the score on itself, but it can also help professional players by showing where the ball “pinged” and “ponged” meaning the player can refine his or her game to Olympic standard levels.

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Puma Blackout Table Tennis Game

2 – The best of the rest

With black ash wood legs, matte black laminate surface, white powder-coated metal frame, and a steel mesh net it just doesn’t get any more high-end than this. With a price tag at just over £1250 it can stay high-end as well. But it is definitely a thing of beauty.

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis game made from pipe

1 – Pipe Pong Table

Table tennis just doesn’t get any cooler than this amazing looking ping-pong pipe. Not only does it add new elements and shot opportunities, it also gives the game a more updated and modern look. The World changes all the time and it is always best to change with it.

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56 Responses to Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Table Tennis Tables

  1. Catherine says:

    A ping pong door is too cool, but Spiderman for me please.

  2. gus22m says:

    Indeed they are, and thank you so much as well.

  3. Hermilie smith says:

    Really the tables are just looking fabulous and amazing too means no one can think that table can be set up in the swimming pool too means the idea is just unique and interesting too. I am just obliged to read this. Keep on posting new and interesting things like this.

  4. Thanks Anastasia, I only played a bit as a child, but this post was all about the creative ways people play it.

  5. Dear Russell,
    Wow, that was Fascinating. I really never played, I found this post Very Interesting.
    Your Friend,

  6. Funny isn’t it, nowadays I would think I was quite well off if I had a ping pong table in the house!

  7. Had the basic ping pong as a kid in the basement. How I took it for granted.

  8. Agreed, they all add a new element to the game and brighten up any home, garden or office.

  9. Wow.It’s a new concept and this table tennis tables are really cool and perfect. Specially Mirror table tennis game and Floating table tennis game for swimming pool.

  10. That is a good point about the mirror one. Only for overcast days it seems.

  11. Jodi says:

    I would love to try the pipe one, looks awesome. As for the mirror one all I can say is ouch. Staring into that on a hot sunny day would really fry the eyes.

  12. eacnovak says:

    My neighborhood is fairly quiet. Not many kids in the area right by me. Other than about 10 or so kids on a nearby street my boy at 20 is the youngest. We do live across the alley from a grocery store so the alley traffic is busy. Also we tend to have semi trucks going down our street for deliveries. But we are only two blocks from a large park and a lake so I have nothing to complain about.

  13. Well that is good to hear. So is it fairly quiet where you live then?

  14. I think you might well be right there. But saying that I am sure they are all still great fun.(maybe)

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