Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Lollipops (Confectionery)

Mika once sung “if you’re sucking too hard on your lollipop, love’s gonna get you down” and he was talking about being bitter with the world around you, but I want to talk or indeed think more about the lollipop bit. You see I was never really into lollipops at school (it was considered more of a girl thing) but these days people have better tools and ingredients to make them and so make some rather amazing ones…


Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Lollipops (Confectionery)


Vampire themed lollipops
Vampire themed lollipops

10 – “I want to lick your head!”

With Halloween just around the corner, I just had to share this amazing idea of turning ordinary lollies into something wonderful, and best of all is that there is a full craft guide to doing these yourself in the image link. I think I might just give these a go!

Lego themed lollipops
Lego themed lollipops

9 – Licking Lego

If you had a childhood much like me, at some point in your life you have had Lego in your mouth, from trying to bite it apart to just nibbling it, trying to think about something. Well, that is why I love these Lego themed lollipops and they come in a range of flavours!

Bacon themed lollipops
Bacon themed lollipops

8 – Lick a pig!

You just knew that Bacon would stick its meat snout into this 10 top somewhere along the line and so it is better to get them out the way early. Bacon lollies!? Strange but also cool.

Retro themed lollipops
Retro themed lollipops

7 – The Classics

Now this is what I call an amazing lolly. If there is something I like to have around Christmas time it is a pack of these because they are not only classic but they taste classic as well and exactly the same as they always did!

Pacman themed lollipops
Pacman themed lollipops

6 – Wakka, Wakka, Lickka! The classic game of Pacman has many a fan still and so this amazing lollipop was a must have for this top 10, best of all is that these are not candy lollies they are chocolate ones!

Scorpion themed lollipops
Scorpion themed lollipops

5 – Bug Licking

Having tried various bug filled sweets and candy’s and they always taste very much as a lolly should so these amazing bananas flavoured ones will go down rather nicely. And before anyone asks.YES! That really is a real scorpion with the stinger removed.

Icosahedron themed lollipops
Icosahedron themed lollipops

4 – Licking Shapes

Now this is kind of cool, what you are looking at is the Worlds only 20 Sided Lollipop! Cherry flavour and the perfect gift for any Dungeons & Dragons fan.

Death Star themed lollipops
Death Star themed lollipops

3 – Lick The Empire

Those that have been reading these top 10’s for a while will remember these from my post “Top 10 Death Star Inspired Items” and yes they are still very popular! And with the new films due out in a few years these will sell by their millions.

Eye themed lollipops
Eye themed lollipops

2 – “Go on…lick my eye!”

I can not imagine what it would taste like to lick someone’s eye, but I remember that I once saw a boy do it to himself! But he had a glass eye and he only did it to make the girls scream and us boys feel sick.

Planet themed lollipops
Planet themed lollipops

1 – Planet Lickers!

This number 1 was always going to be. I am a nerd + I love Space things = Amazing Planet themed lolly in at number 1! The time, the skill the whole amount of effort to make these is incredible and “Vintage Confections” the ETSY seller deserves all the Worldwide attention these have brought because they really are the Worlds best. (in my opinion)


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