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Top 10 Hyper Realistic Paintings

Today is Sunday which means it is guest post day. Today’s post is from ‘Photo Spring’ and brings us Top 10 Hyper Realistic Paintings, believe me when I tell you they are jaw dropping and having looked into them myself I know they really are all paintings. I hope you enjoy it and show it as much love as you do my own top 10′s. But if you think you can do better or interested in doing the same please drop me an E-Mail: But until then here is today’s….

5 Responses to Top 10 Hyper Realistic Paintings

  1. kayuk says:

    I’m sure you can appreciate these paintings. I find them fascinating. Vickie

  2. They are amazing, and such amazing talent, but why do it when you could just print an image out?!?

  3. I much prefer realistic art to abstract or vulgar. There is a photographic look to them, hard to believe they are paintings. To me, someone who can do that is an artist.

  4. Agreed, they are simply stunning.

  5. sjerickson says:

    That was beautiful!

Which one did you like?