Top 10… Snakes

Today is Sunday which means it is guest post day! Today’s post is from ‘lifevsfilm’ and brings us a “Top 10 Snakes in Movies” as I am not a lover of snakes myself I am happy someone else has wrote it. I hope you enjoy it and show it as much love as you do my own top 10′s. But if you think you can do better or interested in doing the same please drop me an E-Mail: But until then here is today’s…

Which one did you like?

11 thoughts on “Top 10… Snakes

  1. First spiders, now snakes… You’re killing me! Haha. But really, I’m glad you included Kaa and Sir Hiss. I used to watch both of those loves all the time when I was younger.

  2. I have a ball python who is so affectionate and completely (un)scary! Snakes have gotten a bad rep because of the bible. Like anything in nature, they are honest and are what they are… another species that we should respect and share the Universe with.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, holding a snake won’t make a difference, but overcoming a fear of heights or similar which can affect other parts of your life is a good thing. I take on my fears as a challenge. Except for one.

Which one did you like?